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Cable Ladder Fiber
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18 Mar 2020
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Specification of

Specification of FRP Cable Ladder (fiberglass reinforced plastics)
FRP Cable Ladder provides a strong cable support solution, for environments that are threatened by rusting processes from other materials. Lightening from FRP Cable Ladder facilitates installation and workmanship. Rust resistance, conduction resistance and radio signal resistance make FRP Cable Ladder have a long life, even with minimal maintenance.


Straight Cable Ladder (width) 300 400 600 800
90 Horizontal Elbow Ladder degress

Horizontal Equal Ladder

90 degress Inside Vertical Elbow Ladder

90 degress Outside Vertical Elbow Ladder

Right Hand Side Reducer Ladder

Left Hand Reducer Ladder

- Durable
- Strong
- Lightweight (Facilitates Installation and Delivery)
- Anti-rust
- Heat resistant
- Reject Electricity Voltage

- Cable Tray for Cable Management
- Cable Line Separator and Regulator
- Cable Protector from Pest, Water and Heat Disorders

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